Where do you deliver? 

Delivery is available across the Sydney Metro region. However, if you live out this area, please contact us and we will try arrange one of our couriers to deliver.

What time will my delivery be made? 

Deliveries are made between 8:30am -2:00pm, please do keep in mind that if you have messaged us regarding a specific delivery time we cannot guarantee this as our couriers have multiple deliveries on that day. 

What happens if no one is home for the order?

If the recipient is not home we will leave the box in the safest place possible. Our couriers are on a tight schedule and will not be able to wait longer than 5 minutes at the location. 

How long do the strawberries last?

We recommend enjoying your berries within 2 days. 

Do my strawberries need to be refrigerated? 


Is your chocolate Gluten-Free? 

Yes all our chocolate is Gluten Free.

Does your chocolate contain dairy? 

Our milk and white chocolate contains dairy, however our dark chocolate is dairy free although it "may contain traces".

What if I have any nut allergies? 

Our Custom berry boxes give you the chance to customise without any nut options, however please be mindful that some of our products are manufactured in a warehouse that "may contain traces". 

What about Pests?

When our couriers leave the box, we leave it in perfect condition. Make sure the box is picked up as soon as possible so that there is no opportunity for sticky fingers to enter. 

We are unable to replace boxes that have been effected by weather or pests.


Do you include any invoices with deliveries? 
We do not include invoices in your orders, the only information that will be sent is a confirmation to the number or email that was placed in the shipping information at checkout.